pw drop

Exchange passwords, securely.

Cannot be empty.

Must be between 1 and 30.

Must be 1 or more.

Cannot be empty.

Available under this link (right-click -> copy link address to send to someone)

Created by Ulrich Hinze, available on Github.

An easy and secure way to exchange passwords and other secrets

Exchanging passwords via email is still the norm in many enterprises. This is highly risky for several reasons:

  • Emails are usually not end-to-end encrypted, except if you have manually set up certificates.
  • Lots of times, emails are not even encrypted in transit (between the sending and receiving email server), so the communication is easily hijacked by an attacker.
  • Emails stay around forever. Even when you think you delete them, they often just end up in an "archive" and are still readable to anyone who gains access to your account.

This project tries to get rid of this insecure habit by providing an easier, more secure way to exchange secret information.

There are some existing alternatives that work in a similar manner, but do not provide the same rich security feature set.